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Tasteful Male Nudes For The Gay Home #8

Tasteful Male Nudes For The Gay Home #8

Tired of those predictable nude statues that adorn every gay coffee table and indoor private swimming pool, a la Caligula? Well, fret no more, because the creative people at have come up with what they call "wall portrait sculptures." They resemble nothing so much as the scene
in Star Wars where Han gets frozen in a block of carbon, and is a kinda-3D-ish wall plaque. Except Han never looked quite like these guys.

Usually we give our own slightly snide description of the art, but in this case we just have to give the makers' own words a little breathing room. So, without further ado:

"All fit male sculptures, whether intentional by an artist or not, exhibit eroticism, even male lust, as well as clear indications of homosexuality, or male curiosity -- if you prefer. One of the sculptures stand entirely bare fully exposing himself; he holds a towel that may have recently covered him.

There is a distinct feeling that he removed his clothing for everyone's enjoyment, as much as his own, by the look in his face and body posture. This male nude wants to be placed in a home that will appreciate his perfected and luscious body that not only melts your heart, but your soul.

Each strappingly fit male wall sculpture has a profound beauty with a wall art sculpting style used exclusively by our artist: a mix of sculpting and "drawing" with clay. As the male model stands before you, there is an exquisite and undeniable display of his "manhood". The wall sculpture's gorgeous and effervescent body grabs your attention with its primal sexual, spiritual, and natural male energy."

So, there you have it. The site is as delightfully chaotic as the descriptions, so we couldn't find the prices, though feel sure they'll be hidden in there somewhere (if there's even a way to actually put a price on items so obviously priceless...)

-- G. EARL

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