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Pot Plus Bears Plus Cops Equals a Good Time

Photo: Getty Images

How excited were we when we saw the headline "Bears Guard Marijuana Grow Op"? Two of our favorite things rolled into one story! Sadly, it ended up being a lot less titillating than we first thought, but since we were already all revved up, we figured we might as well roll with it.

Police in Canada raided a remote illegal pot plantation and found a dozen black bears patrolling the grounds. The growers were feeding the ferocious beasts dog food in hopes they'd stick around and dissuade any visitors to the property. Sadly for the growers (but luckily for the cops and bears), the animals were so tame that instead of scaring off the police, they frolicked with them. Which is probably where the ancient saying "The only thing better than bears and marijuana is bears, marijuana, and men in uniform" comes from.

-- G. EARL

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