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Need To Know: Midnight Juggernauts

The real thunder from Down Under, Vincent Vendetta, Andrew Szekeres, and Daniel Stricker, who make up Australia's Midnight Juggernauts, recently released their second album, The Crystal Axis. The band's sound is almost as hard to describe as the plots of their twisted, but beautiful, videos, but if you can get your mind to visualize a charmingly and melodically scuzzy dance party taking place in the middle of the night in an ominously deserted butcher shop, you'd be on the right track.

The guys dropped by the Out studio not too long ago to chat about how they got their name, getting raw on their second album, and why even when the songs are euphorics, there's also always an underlying darkness lurking somewhere:

Check out the stunning video for "Vital Signs" and then head to their official website for more info on the band.

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