Tasteful Male Nudes For The Gay Home #7

We do love us some Vitruvian Man. Especially with marketing like: “Each artistic design expresses the harmonization of the relationship between parts of the body which manifest themselves in beauty.” So, with no further ado, give a big hand, please, to “Strength,” a pale but interesting chap doing a handstand of sorts, with no clothes on (of course).

He measures 11 inches (tall… oh come on, people), is a bargain $39.99, and is made from resin, on a black base with the sort of sharp edges that often feature in CSI, perhaps after a heated row over someone’s taste in art.

But the biggest danger here is that after a few cocktails a guest might drunkenly say “I can do that…" causing social embarrassment and a visit to the E.R.

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Tags: Popnography

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