Drugs, Jail, a Rubberband, and a Penis Just Shouldn't Mix

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Smuggling drugs into prison the traditional way -- in your rear -- is so passé. The new way, at least until a few days ago at least, is to securely attached them to your pecker through the ingenious use of a rubber band.

Sadly for prisoner Jason Graham, who was being booked into Manatee County Jail, the method wasn't foolproof: he was pulling his pants up and guards heard a noise like to a rubber band snapping, and saw a white object drop out. On closer inspection, it was a broken band and a package of prescription pills.

The pills are described only as “blue” …. Viagra, perhaps? And he wanted that in jail? Surely not …
Graham, who was only being booked for violating his supervised released on a DUI, was then arrested on charges of drug trafficking and introduction of contraband into a facility, and was being held on a $50,750 bail.
No details are available as to why the band snapped -- whether from poor tying, or the excess size of the package. Or HIS package.

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