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Two Condoms and You're Out

Word on the street is that police in NYC, San Francisco, and Washington D.C. are cracking down on sex workers by declaring certain areas "prostitute free zones," arresting suspected offenders, and then using the fact that a woman is carrying two or more condoms as proof that they're turning tricks.

Since when is carrying a few -- or a hundred -- condoms against the law? And what do these raids do but encourage sex workers to hit the streets without protection in hopes of having one less strike against them should they be arrested -- in a cities where, as points out, there are rampant HIV/AIDS problem?

We all might have different views of prostitution, but like it or not, the world's oldest profession isn't going anywhere, so at the very least let's keep people safe out there. Want to help make sure it happens? Send a letter to the mayors of cities where these raids are happening.


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