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John Barrowman tackles Capt. Jack in new comic book

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John Barrowman, a man of many talents -- though most know him as time-travelling, omnisexual and, most importantly, cheeky Capt. Jack Harkness of BBC hit Torchwood -- has once again collaborated with his sister, Carol, to bring us "The Tale Of The Selkie." It's a serialized comic co-written by John and Carol, and its first installment will appear in Issue #14 of the Torchwood Magazine. io9 reports that we'll learn more about Jack's mysterious past and that he's a dap hand with the harpoon gun (here's hoping that's a metaphor), but it's the behind-the-scenes hijinks that have got us intrigued.

Last time the two siblings put their heads together for Barrowman's tell-all biography, "Anything Goes," we found out that, indeed, anything goes when you're John Barrowman and flashing your bits to your cast mates while the cameras roll. And in a short interview, they reminisce about the early beginnings of the comic during the shooting of the second season episode, "Meat."

Caroline Barrowman: Wasn't that the same shoot where the pigeon pooped on Jack's shoulder? Now that was hilarious.

John Barrowman: That was good luck . . . the shoot was taking forever. Lots of green screen shots. I think I started making up ways that Jack could end the scene and we could all get home. Now that I think about it, we came up with some funny stuff . . . I remember the endings we made up got more ridiculous the longer we all sat in that cold damp warehouse . . . you and I kept playing on the way home in the car.

CB: I'd forgotten about that... do you remember what we called the game?

JB: "What Would Jack Do?"

He must mean "Who Would Jack Do?" The answer would probably sound an awful lot like "everyone."


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