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Shopping: The Scent of Man

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Feel like smelling good? (The right answer is "yes," whether or not you like to wear fragrances.) In any event, check out Perfumes The Guide by Luca Turin, a leading scholar in the field of olfactory science and his co-author and perfume collector Tina Sanchez. Don't feel like reading the whole book? Fine. Here's a short list of the best masculine scents on the market:

Chanel - Pour Monsieur (chypre)
"Reference masculine - embodies to perfection the accord of fresh bergamot, sweet labdanum, and austere oakmoss that defines the genre - a warm, relaxed, confident voice, quietly melodious and in which you can hear a smile."

Guerlain - Eau de Guerlain (citrus verbena)
"Has a coherent, fresh drydown that completely transcends the cologne genre. If you want citrus, there is simply nothing better out there."

L'Artisan Parfumeur - Timbuktu (woody smoky)
"An affecting start of vetiver, sandalwood, and incense that seems quiet until you realize that, like modern sound systems that can pipe music into every room, one sprtiz fills a house with an odd, distinctly perceptible, but almost infared shimmer of woody freshness."

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