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Shopping: ZIRH goes platinum

Skincare maker Zirh hit the market with their new platinum line just in time to refresh your sun-baked summer skin. They're luxurious and man-friendly. Always game to try new products, one Out editor tried them all in rapid succession. (He was quite pleased with himself as he gazed into the fluorescent-lit bathroom mirror.)

There's a whole line, including:

Perfect for the sallow among us, and those in need of a pick-me-up, Drenched is for guys with normal to very dry skin in need of a fuller, firmer look.

Not that I should have to explain what this is for, but if you're determined to look forever 21, give this "environmental response cream" a go and attack those fine lines.

Total Recharge
Though you're supposed to wear it more often, it's perfect for Sunday nights -- especially if you're the type with wrecked weekend skin who wants to look bright and shiny come Monday morning.

The good people at Zirh saw fit to give Out readers 20% off Platinum purchases. Feel like shopping? Punch in offer code: ZIRHOUT at checkout.

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