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Truman Says

Black, White, Round, and Hard to Find

Got $29k to burn? Homos can play games too, you know, and the shopping site 20ltd would like to sell you a "good versus evil" foozball table that bills itself as the world's most exclusive, complete with ultraviolet-etched pitch markings and ergonomic handles.

On the "good" team: Gandhi and Mary Poppins (both forwards) with midfielder Flash Gordon. The baddies: Lady Macbeth (fullback), Idi Amin (midfielder), Caligula (forward), and a whole host of other evildoers.

Now get this: there are only 20 Opus luxury football tables in theentire world. All of them are available exclusively through the 20ltd, a new internet retailer that sells only 20 luxury items at a time (furs, briefcases, rain jackets, and so on), each one a limited edition. Not for everyone's wallet...but fun to visit!

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