Acne Antidote?

Acne Antidote?

Daniel Kern is purportedly an ordinary guy, and the proud owner of the URL After years of suffering yucky adult pimples, and using various prescription products to little effect, Kern became determined to find a cure based simply on what you could get over the counter. Soap. Benzoyl peroxide. Moisturizers.

OK, we're not talking about the cure to some life-threatening disease, but acne IS a scourge of humanity, in its own way. And Kern thinks he's cracked the code to clear skin; he calls it "the regimen." Kern does have a few products to flog, but he touts them so gently, we think he may be a sincere apostle of acne-destruction, for whom money is a secondary concern.

Which is why we pass the info on to you. Whether you're one of the bajillions of Americans with no health insurance or not, you can't argue with a low-cost over-the counter solution.

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