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R.I.P. Mr. Humphries

If you've ever found yourself flipping channels after the local news, you may have landed on a public TV station showing the campiest TV comedy ever set in a department store, Are You Being Served? Mr. Humphries, one of the britcom's shop assistants, frequently stole the show, prancing around Grace Brothers department store like it was his own personal catwalk, and measuring (male) customers' inseams with visible delight.

Now the actor who played him, John Inman has died at the age of 71. Sure, his character embodied every gay stereotype (lived with his mom - check!, spoke in a high falsetto - check!, dressed as Louis XVI on occasion - check!), but he was also one of the the outest and loudest 'mos on television in the 1970s. Plus, in 2005, Inman got officially civil unioned (you can do that in Britain) to his longtime partner.

Rest in peace, John!

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