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Mitt Romney: Dressed Strongly

The first in an occasional series of profiles of the Presidential candidates. They say Washington is Hollywood for ugly people. We want to know why these men and woman want to live there!

Some fun facts about Mitt Romney:

His first name is actually Willard. Mitt is his middle name.

He speaks fluent French. He did his mormon missionary year in France when he was 19.

During that time he took once-weekly showers at the public baths.

His father was born in Mexico. The Romneys had moved there because polygamy was illegal in the United States.

He was for gay rights before he was against 'em.

Romney's style

Mitt Romney is most comfortable in a suit and tie. His ties are all red or blue, usually in a conservative pattern. A former businessman, Romney always wears suits that are well-tailored and never, ever looks like a shlub.

He's perfectly at ease in a tux. Romney will probably never be invited to the Academy Awards, but if he is elected, you can expect the first couple to dress something like this at the inaugural ball.

This is what we call Presidential Candidate Smart-Casual. Almost all of them do it. Khakis, dark blazer, shirt without a tie. Romney's favorite accessory is his wife, Anne.

At some point, every candidate must prove he can dress like a cowboy. Here Mitt is showing former Attorney General John Ashcroft around Olympic venues at Salt Lake City. The hat says "tough guy", the fleece says "I prefer a garment with strong wicking."

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