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Madonna Likes 'Em Cut


She's talking about sandwiches—isn't she?

Judging by Madonna's general ability to shock people, we always figured that she'd be really fun to have at a sleepover. Spin the Bottle? Never Have I Ever? Truth or Dare? These are things that she'd excel at.

But last Thursday, when someone decided to play an impromptu game of Truth or Dare with the Material Girl at a meet-and-greet in Macy's Herald Square, she actually showed some restraint. More specifically, when a man in the audience asked her whether she preferred "cut or uncut," she deflected the question. ("That is a scandalous question. I refuse to answer it," she told him.) Eventually, she chose "cut," but she made sure that everyone knew she was only talking about that other thing that she likes to consume. ("Are you talking about my sandwiches? I like my sandwiches cut.")

Best euphemism ever? Or uncharacteristic G-rated behavior from a woman famous for wearing cone bras?

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