Premiere: Holly Miranda’s Soothing, Whimsical ‘To Be Loved’  

Holly Miranda, Mutual Horse, Out 100

Ahead of her upcoming album, Mutual Horse, queer songstress Holly Miranda has released the audio for “To Be Loved,” a folky track about not getting as much as you’re giving.

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“’To Be Loved’ is about those times you’ve reached for someone and they just weren’t there. For whatever reason they couldn’t show up. It’s a vulnerable place to be, but it can also be empowering to say, ‘yeah, I wanted to love you and I wanted you to love me. Oh well. I still got my self, love,” said Miranda. “You have to gracefully release what is not yours… which is everything!”

The former Out100 honoree will release Mutual Horse, whose title was inspired by an image of singer-songwriter Cris Williamson, on February 23. “We printed out photos of her from the 1970s and taped them up around the studio, that was our vibe,” said Miranda. “It doesn’t feel like just mine. It feels like it belongs to everybody who worked on it. I opened myself to collaborating this time around, which made me really vulnerable.” Listen to “To Be Loved,” below.  

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