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China Queer

China Queer: Booming Economy vs. Stagnant Traditions

China Queer: Booming Economy vs. Stagnant Traditions

Actor and activist Omar Sharif Jr. talks about how this documentary gives him a new perception towards China's unique LGBT landscape.

The Naked Truth: China Queer is a two-year investigative documentary of China's LGBTQ community. It takes a rare look at issues such as fake marriages between gays and lesbians, detention of feminist activists, gay conversion treatment, and strict media censorship.

Narrator Omar Sharif Jr. said everyone should take a look at this film because it's Pride Month, and Pride is "not just a celebration. It's also a call to action and awareness not only to the challenges we face, but to the global challenges facing our community."

China, with a history of over 5,000 years, has witnessed rapid economic growth in the recent decade. Yet traditional values remain strong, and people are still rather conservative towards non-straight people.

It is estimated that China's LGBT population is over 70 million. If it were a single country, it's the 20th largest in the world. However, only 5% of them have come out of the closet.

"LGBT community is a microcosm of the global community. We're everything," said Omar Sharif Jr.

The documentary airs this Sunday, June 25 at 9PM on FUSION TV.

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