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channing tatum

Salma Hayek Offers Channing Tatum $6K For Lap Dance in 'Magic Mike 3'

We can’t wait to watch Magic Mike’s Last Dance!

Meet the Sexy Guys From the Real 'Magic Mike Live' Tour

Get in the mood for Magic Mike’s Last Dance!

Magic Mike Is Back, But Without the Rest of His Sexy Crew

Check out the sexy first preview for Magic Mike's Last Dance!!!

Channing Tatum Gives Ellen a Steamy Sneak Peek of Magic Mike Live

Tatum introduced shirtless studs of the new Las Vegas revue to Ellen's season 14 premiere.

Magic Mike Live Is Coming to Las Vegas!

Fingers crossed for a Joe "Big Dick Richie" Manganiello-Vegara cameo.

Hail, Caesar! Teases Gay Old Hollywood

Hail, Channing, Village Person

Hunky Actors Read for Magic Mike Musical

Is that a Tony in your pocket or are you just excited to see this show?

Dashaun Wesley: XXL Talent

Dancer and MC Dashaun Wesley is interpreting vogue for a new generation.

Hollywood Gayze

Mark Simpson on Hollywood heartthrobs going ‘gayish’

Best Dressed Man of the Week: Channing Tatum

America's favorite male 'stripper' suits up for his latest movie premiere.

Bring On the Go-Go Boys

Magic Mike XXL shrinks male dancers down to size

Channing Tatum Vogues, Talks Man-Thongs with Vanity Fair

Walking for the Haus of Magic Mike...

Matt Bomer & Channing Tatum Continue Flirting with Each Other Through Interviews

Matt 'blushed' over Channing's comments about getting 'lost' in his eyes.

Channing Tatum & Magic Mike XXL at L.A. Pride

The magic is back (and so is Matt Bomer).

Channing Tatum: Magic Mike Musical 'Still In the Works'

But in the meantime, his XXL character poster is now available.