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Armond White

If you want to find out all the latest news on New York City-based film and music critic Armond White, then look no further than OUT magazine. Armond White is known for his provocative and idiosyncratic film criticism. He has written for Variety, The New York Times, the Columbia Journalism Review, The Nation, Slate, and First Things, and he is currently writing for both National Review and OUT magazine. Although White has been described as the "world's most contrarian film critic," he states that he has never said anything about a movie out of meanness, and he simply compares movies to superior ones.

From Oscar Wilde to Rock Hudson, The Green Fog Forecasts Gay History

Guy Maddin’s experimental documentary looks through the fog of gay cultural history.

How Mona Lisa Outed the Lesbian Archetype and Broke the Enigma Code

The 1986 film noir highlighted the unifying passion that people share—gay and straight. 

Searching for the Next Great Gay Movie Musical

Saturday Church and The Greatest Showman sing the truths and falsehoods of LGBTQ life.

12 of the Best Gay Films You Missed in 2017

Armond White identified 12 movies that helped outwit Hollywood’s sexual panic. 

Camp on Ice: 'I, Tonya' is Desperately in Need of Gay Sensibility

I, Tonya exposes the writer and filmmaker’s contempt for gender, race, and class. 

Call Me by Your Name's Sex Lives of the Rich and Immodest

It's won universal acclaim, but our movie critic is left unimpressed by this  tale of first love in the heady heat of an Italian summer.

Sexiest Movie Character of the Year

In Justice League, Jason Momoa & Zack Snyder make gay movie history. 

God's Own Country Upgrades Brokeback Mountain

How gay movie romance gets corrected. 

The Red Balloon: An Ode to Difference

Queer self-awareness is the implicit subject of Albert Lamorisse’s children’s film. 

BPM, a Definitive AIDS Epic

Robin Campillo looks back at ACT-UP’s innocence & urgency. 

Tom of Finland's Maximum Tumescence

A new bio-pic of queer culture’s Toulouse-Lautrec. 

Reflections of Chavela

Queer truth & drama in bio-doc of Mexico’s iconic lesbian singer. 

The Delta: 20th Anniversary of Classic Gay Film

 The legacy of Ira Sachs' bold queerness.