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Acceptance Matters

Teacher Who Refused to Call Transgender Students by Their Preferred Name Was Forced to Resign

The teacher is now fighting for his job back, claiming that calling students by their preferred names goes against his First Amendment rights.

Reconciling My Faith With Myself

Being young, Jewish, and gay felt like an internal struggle that would never be resolved—until I learned to accept my multitudes of identities

Wanting Straight Black Men to Love Me

My dad's desire for me to be a strong black son shaped me far more than I realized

A Young Latino Man Learns What It Means to Find a Mother's Acceptance

It wasn't until they finally reconnected as adults that Emillio Mesa finally understood what it felt like to have a mother's acceptance

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To Stray from the Pack

Jerick Hoffer, a.k.a. Jinkx Monsoon, was the outcast until he found the group that accepted him for his 'odd' interests

Practicing Acceptance

Seeing beyond our differences is more than a solitary decision

Outgrowing Texas: A Gay Adolescence Under the Lone Star

A gay adolescence under the Lone Star prepared Damon Suede to accept people, despite their differences

Whose Acceptance Matters?

Kate Bornstein warns that seeking acceptance can mean following other people's 'rules'

A Mourning Drunk's Riff on Acceptance

It takes practice and vigilance and can take longer than one expects