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April 2019

Six Queer Beauty Gurus You Should Be Following on Instagram

Six Queer Beauty Gurus You Should Be Following on Instagram

I’m Ugly. Will I Ever Stand a Chance in the Gay Dating World?

In today’s advice column ¡Hola Papi! by John Paul Brammer, we address how shallowness and gay culture have all too much in common.

Artist Devan Shimoyama Puts Glitter All Over Toxic Masculinity

His work depicts a complicated relationship some queer men have with masculinity.

This Queer Cinematographer Is Why 'Insecure' Looks So Good

Ava Berkofsky’s lens captures Black and brown bodies in all their beauty.

On Coming To Terms With Baldness While Femme

Art director Sean Santiago finds beauty in a process that is a daily reminder of masculinity.

The Queer Person’s Guide to Feeling Beautiful in an Ugly World

Where do queerness and beauty intersect, and where do they repel each other? Arabelle Sicardi unpacks.

Two Spells to Cast Away the Homophobic Mercury in Retrograde

Author and witch Michelle Tea believes magic is for everyone! Here are two spells to help you feel more beautiful.

How We Discriminate Against People with Tattoos

Model and activist Yves Mathieu helps us confront the stigma around tattooed bodies — especially brown ones.

What It Was Like Assisting the Most Famous Makeup Artist in the World

Troy Surratt pays homage to the late, legendary Kevyn Aucoin.

How Medical Institutions Drive Trans Women Underground

Thanks to gatekeeping practices and cost-prohibitive surgeries, transitioning on your own can feel like “the only option."

9 Gorgeous Queers Tell Us What Beauty Means to Them

West Dakota, Austin Smith, Merlot, and Alok on outer (and inner) beauty.

Queer People Are Changing the Toxic Culture of Barbershops

Writer Jamilah King dives deep into how these queer-owned and operated shops are redefining the industry.

Miss Fame Is Ready to Take Her Makeup Off Now

Our April cover star has already turned drag into a modeling career. Next up? The beauty industry.