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From the Bottom to the Top: 5 Tips for Better Sex

Pure for Men better sex tips

A combination of experience, your current love life status, and even some logistical prowess can have a considerable influence on your attitudes about sex. For us, thinking about bottom and top roles --and which one you favor--can set the scene for sex, and we've put together a list of basics and not-so-basics that you probably haven't considered.

1. Being/Staying ready for action
Let's get the mechanics out of the way first. Many say it's the first rule of anal sex: Being physically ready. Getting plenty of fiber in your regular diet helps keep your bowels functioning effectively. The truth is, the average American male gets less than the amount of dietary fiber that he should, according to studies.

And when it comes to being ready or getting ready for anal sex, bottoming has some new help from Pure for Men's dietary fiber supplement. It contains a proprietary blend of fiber that helps you have full movements with little to no debris. Also good to know: Pure for Men also provides your body with the much needed fiber for a healthy lifestyle.

According to Pure for Men's website, testimonials bring up a point that's no surprise: Many men have some anxiety around being prepared for bottoming, especially considering the limits to spontaneity that comes with it. The supplement, when taken regularly, helps make the prep work for bottoming a lot easier.

2. Relationship status
First thing's first: Even though the list keeps getting longer, it's probably a move in the right direction to have a range of relationships reflected in our vocabulary. Single, married, open relationship, only play together and separated all come to mind, and that only covers the basics. You don't have to agree with each, but communication is key. And that kind of honesty can set a tone for truly great sex since you get more comfortable with what kind of sex you're getting into.

3. Knowing your sexual health stats
Today there are a growing number of ways for men to watch out for their sexual health, specifically when it comes to sexually transmitted infections and HIV. Knowing your status and having some knowledge about the lines that mark risk levels helps keep anxiety out of your sex life, and when barriers come down, passion and freedom can come in and turn up the heat for some great sex.

Since we're on the topic, most clinics and LGBT centers recommend getting tested every three months.

4. Specific workouts for specific sex moves
Exercise does a sexual body good, too. Trainers and some fitness experts have put together great lists of exercises and routines that focus on the all the body parts and mobility that can make you better at sex. For example, the training focuses on hips, glutes, pelvis and lower back areas. There are also super specific workouts that sometimes require props to help you focus on genital and sphincter muscles.

5. Be frank about your fantasies
If you want great sex, it's a lot about communicating preferences, boundaries and fantasies. Let your partner know what you like, and even what you don't like. If it feels like it could kill the mood to take a moment to say exactly what you want him to do (or not do) to you, consider the flip side. Sex columnists often write about the breakthroughs in your sex life that can come from being frank. They also point out how shaming and hang ups are cultural habits that can be broken or modified. Ask yourself where are the boundaries and fantasies that you've played with.

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