10 Things You Should Never Ask a Party Promoter


By Daniel Nardicio

Being a promoter can be a cakewalk, but it can also be a real drag at times—especially when people unwittingly say dumb things

Photos from the DWorld Underwear Party by Ko

1.) "New York nightlife is dead" or "New York is dead," or any variation on that theme. The only person who wants to hear that they are working in a dead environment while at work is a mortician. And while it sometimes seems like that's where we are working, with everyone on Grindr at a club, it's still our job. You wouldn't walk into a bakery and tell the baker, "You must be dying now that everyone is gluten intolerant." Buzzkill!

2.) Do you have a drink ticket? I, in theory, don't mind people asking that, because most people don't actually have the nerve to ask. But at least say, "Hi," before you say it. And maybe pretend like you actually want to interact with me. On my new business cards, I want to print: Daniel Nardicio, Drink Ticket Dispenser.

3.) You've got to get a new DJ.  While this generally only happens when I hire DJ Sammy Jo (kidding, just seeing if he reads my emails), a DJ is an extension of the promoters personality, and they are a major part of the vibe. Asking a promoter to change DJs is like saying: "Create a whole new event." If you don't like the music, you just don't like that party. Once I had a packed dancefloor and some guy came up and said, "You need to hire a new DJ," and I thought, What a great idea! What do these other 500 people not know that this guy knows?"

4.) Can you come outside and get me and my friends in? The answer is easy: No.

5.) Where can I get coke? Once again, most people dont have the nerve to ask, but those that do can be irritating, because they dont give up. All night long they check in to see if coke has arrived. I don't do coke; it's not really my party vibe (they're boozehounds). And I wouldn't be caught dead with a known dealer around: You might as well call the police on yourself. But these people don't give up. Why not just arrange getting it beforehand? I don't get to the airport and ask, "Where can I get a passport?" at customs. 

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