Daniel O'Donnell and John Banta


By Evan Lambert

Married January 29, 2012 in New York City, NY

The January wedding ceremony—attended by O’Donnell’s sister Rosie (yes, that Rosie O’Donnell), New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, and “almost every New York assemblyman and Senator who had voted ‘yes’ to the New York marriage bill”—was a rather symbolic affair. After exchanging vows, O’Donnell and Banta took off white-gold rings which had been on their right hands for fifteen years and moved them to their left hands. Next, Banta’s nephew Henry Turner—a 6-year-old who had wondered why O’Donnell had to fight the government “to give out a piece of paper so that boys can marry boys”—handed the couple their marriage license. Also in attendance: famed soprano Ruth Ann Swenson, who serenaded the couple with a rendition of “I Carry Your Heart.”

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