Distilled, Not Stirred


By Bill Keith

Whiskey Wanderlust

Suntory Yamazaki Single Malt 18-year-old Whisky, Japan. The nations's oldest whiskey distillery, Suntory was made famous as the product Bill Murray's character was shilling in 2003's Lost in Translation.

Mackmyra Preludium, Sweden. Started by eight alumni of Stockholm's Royal Institute of Technology. Mackmyra's first bottles of malt whiskey sold out in an hour in 2006.

Mekhong, Thailand. Made at the Bangyikhan Distillery since 1941, some 19 million cases of Mekhong are sold in Thailand every year. Renowned both for ubiquity and potency.

Bagpiper Whisky, India. India's best-selling whiskey -- with sales of 10 million cases in 2006 -- Bagpiper boasts endorsements from several of Bollywood's finest.

Penderyn Single Malt Welsh Whisky, Wales. After a 100-year absence from the world whiskey scene, the Welsh Whisky Company introduced Penderyn in 2000.

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