Finishing Touches: Summer Accessories Recommended by Chris Bair


By Editors

A SoCal tastemaker shares tips for staying stylish as the weather heats up.

As the owner of Shorty’s Barber Shop and Public Service Salon, Chris Bair knows a thing or two about what fashion-forward dudes want. The Los Angeles-based entrepreneur knows that when the mercury begins to rise, everyone's first instinct is to start shedding their clothes. Duly noted. But wearing less doesn't mean you have to skimp on style—not by a long shot. Bair reminds us that there are plenty of trimmings that can elevate your standard summer fare. A sleek pair of sunglasses or a killer watch can complete an outfit and add a dash of panache to your ensemble. Plus, shades and timepieces come in every price range, making them an easy and affordable way to update your look.

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