The 'New' New England


By Jordan Shavarebi

East Coast winters may slay the local flora, but it's also the season when a layered, preppy look blossoms.

You go to New England just for the clam chowder, perhaps taking a scenic route through that winds through upstate New York just to watch the leaves change, and you visit your old Ivy League alma mater once every fall for a football game and hot cider with your old college chums. Oh, you say you don’t? Well, that's still no excuse not to dress as if you do. Henleys, smart ginghams, quilted vests, and cuffed jeans all deserve prime placement in your wardrobe. Right next to your letterman jacket, of course.

Photography: Don Kim
Photographer’s Assistant: Brandon Aviram
Model: Kacey Carrig
Grooming: Joanna Pensinger