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OCTOBER 31, 2011
Get INCed

INC editor-at-large Tom Stubbs styles the hottest trends for fall 2011



OCTOBER 28, 2011
INC Collection Viewing Event

Take a look as Tom Stubbs' visions for Fall 2011 come to life



OCTOBER 25, 2011
Style Report: The Military Overcoat

Out hits the Streets: We go trend-hunting on the streets of New York
Think functionality and understatement. Travis, illustrating this week's trend – the military overcoat – is a normal person living his life…and he looks great doing it! Travis is the definition of street style. Check out how our team snatches his home and shoots his authentic style.



OCTOBER 24, 2011
Do Ask, Do Tell

The enduring utility and flair of military-inspired fashion hits the street
Name: Travis Matthew DeZalia
Age: 25
Zodiac sign:Taurus
Hometown (where you were born and raised): born: Plattsburgh, NY. Raised: Las Vegas, NV
Occupation: Retail Manager
Three words to describe your style:Just woke up
Three artists and/or songs that are currently in heavy rotation on your iPod: Lana Del Rey, Greg Laswell, Terrordactyls
Your idea of a perfect weekend day is: A huge vegan picnic in Central Park with lots of sangria, my dog, and best friends. And board games. Definitely board games.
Favorite meal and/or restaurant: Ronald's Donuts in Las Vegas -- best vegan donuts ever.
Your drink of choice: Whiskey and ginger ale.
You can invite four people to a dinner party (dead or alive). Who would you invite?Why would I invite someone dead when I can invite 4 Somali children who really need it? I'd give up my dinner to invite a 5th.
Favorite fashion/style icon of all time: A dressed-up lesbian bike messenger.
Something you'd never wear: Boot cut jeans with flip-flops. Never boot cut jeans. Ever.
Best city in the world, and why: Maybe I haven't been there yet. But for now, I really love NYC.

Photography by Shannon Sinclair



Sign up for the draft: this is the winter of the military coat. With its unbeatable knack for combining fashion and functionality, you don't only want it. You need it. Store your iPad in a secret pocket originally meant to store boxes of artillery or a Bible? Yes. You can take it easy with a simple and chic pea coat or pilot's jacket, or you can opt for one of those double breasted green numbers with military patches and a collar big enough to dodge bullets. The military coat isn't a trend, really. It's perennial. So suit up this winter, and stay on the front lines for good. -- JORDAN SHAVAREBI     



OCTOBER 21, 2011

It Boys: André Saraiva
This man about town may always be on the run, but his sturdy boots help him get to his next destination looking cool.

True Prep

For every fashion star that's a household name, there are countless behind-the-scenes movers and shakers who keep the industry constantly running. One of the most charismatic and suave members of this elite team is André Saraiva. In his career, Saraiva has been a graffiti artist, a nightlife impresario, and the creative director of an influential men's fashion magazine L'Officiel Hommes -- sometimes all at once. Needless to say, he's a well-liked character whose sphere of impact casts a wide net. One thing that remains constant in his every-changing life in fashion, though, is his love of a black boot. Whether he's channeling his inner-greaser á la Danny Zuko or he's just maintaining his modern day hipster vibe, a black pair of boots has gotten this man far in life.

Pictures courtesy of Backyard Bill.



OCTOBER 19, 2011
Ready for Combat

Combat boots have you ready to rumble, no matter where you roam.
Name: Tyler Ashley
Age: 26
Zodiac sign:Cancer/Leo Cusp
Three words to describe your style:Random, eclectic, loud
Three artists and/or songs that are currently in heavy rotation on your iPod: Parallel Dance Ensemble, Lady GaGa, A Tribe Called Quest
Your idea of a perfect weekend day is: Friends, food, and a good dance party!
Favorite meal and/or restaurant: I'm an eater and can't pick a favorite, but I definitely couldn't live without cheese.
Your drink of choice: Currently, rose.
You can invite four people to a dinner party (dead or alive). Who would you invite?Marie Antoinette, Rogue from X-Men, Martha Graham, Franz Marc
Favorite fashion/style icon of all time: Male: David Bowie, Female: Bjork
Something you'd never wear: I can't think of a single thing that I would never wear.
Best city in the world, and why: New York City, it's no holds barred.

Photography by Shannon Sinclair



The combat boot is your friend. It adds that undeniable surge of masculine energy that the more fashion forward of your outfits may be in need of. Tuck your slacks into them if you're the obvious type, roll your jeans over them for the subtle "Yeah, I am wearing combat boots, thanks for noticing" look, or wear them with a kilt if you're in the mood to be snapped by a street style photographer. Take them from grunge to formal with a simple trick of the cuff. No matter which look you choose, an extra ego boost comes complimentary with every pair. -- JORDAN SHAVAREBI     

OCTOBER 14, 2011

Some Kind of Blue
We look to the streets for some navy inspiration

Navy Jacket

As always, stylish guys stalking the street are a fertile place for us to get ideas for new, dapper ensembles. Take this man on the left, who proves that combined with the white pant and a cress the navy blazer still signals upper-class refinement. Yet the man on the right shows that with a relaxed pant, a t-shirt, a dress shoe and a thin scarf you can imbue a standard navy blazer with some street-chic realness. --JORDAN SHAVAREBI



OCTOBER 12, 2011

True Prep
Rizzoli's Latest Book Celebrates Classic American Style.

True Prep

Today, the idea of preppiness is as malleable as it is ubiquitous. The upright, high-minded visual language was born in the 1920s on Ivy League campuses, serving as unspoken language of elitism and scholarly society. Upper class leisure activities -- golf, polo, and tennis, for instance -- were appropriated to create what would become an American archetype.

But times sure have changed. The trend has long since shaken its staid, priggish implications and has been adapted, re-imagined, tweaked, and subverted over and over in popular culture. Each generation has forged a new iteration of the classic ideal, at times paying homage to its air of aristocratic exclusivity, or conversely, turning those very connotations on their proverbial head. From Hollywood to high fashion; music to sports; this is one movement that doesn't appear to be going anywhere, providing a foundation for endless interpretations.

In Rizzoli's latest book, Preppy: Cultivating Ivy Style ($45.00), Jeffrey Banks and Doria de La Chapelle explore the history of this world with exhaustive details. Filled with insightful commentary (the foreward is even by the "Queen of Prep," Lily Pulitzer) and a wealth of incredible imagery (Robert Redford in The Great Gatsby, Rene Lacoste, JFK, Pharell Williams, Miles Davis, Prince William, Chuck Bass, and many more all make appearances) the book proves that one needn't be a square to appreciate the joys of being preppy.

For a glimpse at just some of the incredible imagery from the book, click here.

To purchase Preppy: Cultivating Ivy Style, click here.


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