French Dressing


By Max Berlinger

With his new men's boutique, Lanvin designer Lucas Ossendrijver steps into the spotlight.

Ossendrijver eyes the street for inspiration, studying stylish Frenchmen and how they assemble their outfits, and builds upon that foundation with collections that meld athleticism with classicism: Double-breasted blazers are paired with silk-chiffon track pants; lightweight suits decked with grosgrain pipings feature raw-cut, frayed edges; and his sporty sneakers have proven to be a coveted commodity, seen on everyone from David Beckham to Usher. And while the clothing and accessories are steeped in luxe details, their swagger is grounded in a subtlety that sidesteps the trademark showboating preferred by other labels. Perhaps Kanye West put it best when in his song “Illest Motherfucker Alive” he name-dropped a “Lanvin thousand-dollar tee with no logos.” 

Tags: Fashion