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Each month will feature a new documentary film about gay culture.

June 11 2015 6:15 PM

HBO shares a new video highlighting the work of LGBT activists and artists.

June 11 2015 6:05 PM

Plus, Titus Andromedon breaks into Litchfield in a special OITNB trailer

June 11 2015 1:45 PM

Have a seat, Raven. 

June 10 2015 4:40 PM

Empire's Cookie Lyon is based on a man and other tantalizing tidbits from THR's Drama Actresses Roundtable.

June 10 2015 3:15 PM

Producers and partners Ron Cowen and Daniel Lipman consider the impact of Queer As Folk on a new generation of queer TV shows

June 08 2015 12:57 PM

“You are no longer just you.” 

June 05 2015 3:50 PM