Frankie Grande, Ariana Grande's Brother, to Compete on Big Brother


By Editors

...And 5 other things you should know today

1. Pop star Ariana Grande's brother Frankie always thought he should be the star. Now that he's on the next season of Big Brother, he'll finally get his wish. Too bad he didn't get on Survivor like he had originally hoped.

2. Meryl Streep will play opera diva Maria Callas. HBO is working on an adaptation of Terrence McNally's Master Class directed by Mike Nichols—which means Tyne Daly (who played the role on Broadway during the last revival) is putting a hex on her right now.

3. Stephen Amell is hitting the gym hard to prep for the next season of Arrow. We just wish he had something better than that CW show to show off his amazing body.

4. Mexican & Brazilian teams may face penalties for fans chanting gay slurs at World Cup. After the Brazilians were taunted with the "puto" epithet by Mexican fans, they started using it as well, but FIFA condemns any form of discrimination and is investigating. 

5. New Zealand's naked rugby never gets old. Especially when there's plenty of photographtic evidence.

6. Oh, and Yanis Marshall's latest Beyoncé video went viral (again). But what did you expect?

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