Silver Fox Versus Platinum Fox: Anderson Cooper Takes on Adam Levine


By Les Fabian Brathwaite

On this installment of “Bitch Stole My Look!"...

Since Adam Levine dyed his hair blonde, Anderson Cooper has been on the receiving end of some not always flattering comparisons. As one Twitter user told the Maroon 5 frontman, "Your hair makes you look like a much more attractive Anderson Cooper."

Having been hit by the resulting shrapnel from the “platinum bomb heard ‘round the world”, the Silver Fox offered some handy tips to tell him apart from the Jaggeresque Levine. But Cooper, it turns out, is no stranger to being mistaken for someone else, though most often it’s for fellow silver-haired foxy CNN anchor, Wolf Blitzer. Just don’t confuse AC with Dr. Drew.

Find out why in the clip from last night’s “Ridiculist” below: