This Time, Willie Robertson Says He Thinks Gays Are Going To Hell


By Alex Panisch

…And 5 Other Things You Need To Know Today

1. In an interview with CNN, Willie Robertson, of Duck Dynasty fame, says that in his literal reading of the bible, gays are most definitely going to hell.

2. Joanna Lumley Meets That’s a docutmentary that’s happening. Turns out Patsy is a huge fan.

3. Update your style guides: P. Diddy is once again Puff Daddy.

4. They may not always see eye to eye on the show, but Bianca Del Rio and Gia Gunn seem like besties IRL

5. Every man in North Korea must now sport a Kim Jong-un haircut—by law!

6. Kathleen Hanna, the original riot grrl, just put out her video for “Just My Kind.”

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