Listen to MØ's Dreamy Cover of Spice Girls' "Say You'll Be There"


By Stacy Lambe

This version will leave you up in the air

Eighteen years later, "Say You'll Be There" remains one of the Spice Girls best songs and easily one of the best pop records of the '90s. Sadly, the group is a shell of what it once was -- Posh is just silicon and bones and the Mel B. spends her days flirting with Willie Geist on the Today show. But I digress, the point of all this is that MØ has produced a splendid cover of the smash hit. While the Danish singer's version doesn't have the same pep, it does give the song a welcome facelift. (It was free thanks to Posh's punch card.) 

Listen to the singer's airy take and then check out her debut album, No Mythologies to Follow, led by the delicious first single, "Don't Wanna Dance."

[H/T Vulture]

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