WATCH: Billy Eichner Gets into Bed with Joan Rivers


By Stacy Lambe

Billy and Joan in one bed? Ah-mazing

Billy Eichner jumps into bed with Joan Rivers for the online interview series, In Bed With Joan, to talk about all things gay, Billy on the Street and killing Meryl Streep (spoiler: he couldn't).

The 15+ minute conversation is full of laughs and tidbits from Eichner who doesn't hold back about his life. Here are a few highlights:

  • Who does he think is boring? Jay Leno.
  • If he could get plastic surgery, he would make himself "look exactly like Lisa Rinna."
  • As hard as he tried, Eichner could not get a laugh out of Nas, who he says was one of the least funny celebrity guests.
  • Who does he want to be stuck on a desert island with? Oprah (for the money).