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All About Karl

We've been chewing on The New Yorker's 9,700-word Karl Lagerfeld profile all week so that we can bring you these choicest of tidbits:

"In the early seventies, however, Lagerfeld fell in love with a witty
and mischievous French aristocrat named Jacques de Bascher. Lagerfeld
supported him financially, but they never lived together, and friends
say that the union was—as Lagerfeld has always insisted—platonic, based
on shared affinities for literature, clothing, and style. (De Bascher
once told a journalist that Lagerfeld’s sole loves were Coca-Cola and
chocolate cake.)"


"'I hate name-dropping,' he said. Asked if the host was someone famous,
he pursed his lips and muttered, 'I am not knowing so many unknown
people, hmm?' Indeed, he calls Mick Jagger 'Micky.'"


"Lagerfeld met [Cat Power] last year, outside the Mercer Hotel, in New
York. She was dressed in her habitual combination of jeans, T-shirt,
and boots, and was smoking a cigarette while slouched on a pile of her
luggage. Lagerfeld was enchanted, telling her that only a true woman
could get away with smoking like that. She is now a more or less
constant presence at Lagerfeld’s gatherings, flown to Chanel fashion
shows and events, at the company’s expense. (In January, Marshall and
her band performed the music for the Chanel couture show at the Grand
Palais, in Paris.)"

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