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This blogger really hopes you want to join this experiment...In my short life in fashion journalism, I have noticed that certain words pertaining to bags, blazers, and the big shots who wear them, have become so over-used, so debased, so overexposed, that one wouldn't mind never reading them again. Curiously, all three of my least favorite words are often applied to the perfectly agreeable actress Chloe Sevigny, so with apologies to Chloe, I have decided to dub them sevignisms.

"Over the next decade, she becomes a thrift-store fashion muse, a
reluctant hipster deity and performer of the world's second-most famous
act of fellatio."
-"Sevigny, Taking Fate Into Her Own Hands", The Washington Post, 3/2/07

"Considering today's mob counts the likes of Paris Hilton and Lindsay
Lohan, Sevigny stands well apart as an actress and style icon, says
John Demsey, the global brand president for Estee Lauder, who persuaded
Sevigny to join M.A.C.'s long-running AIDS fundraising campaign, Viva
Glam. 'She's no sellout,' he says."
-"Chloe Sevigny: Beyond the Labels", The Los Angeles Times, 3/18/2007

"do the tourists from Ireland benefit from owning a pink angora sweater
with a bow at the neck just because it says Viktor & Rolf for
H&M on the label? Does owning the sweater put them in the same
place as a studiously slender fashionista, eyebrows angled toward the
art-cum-clothing stalking down the runway to the tones of a Bruce
Nauman sound piece?"
-"Critical Shopper: Cheap Chic, If You Can Get It", The New York Times 11/16/2006

So what's your sevignism?

What words are your fashion no-nos?

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