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WATCH: Lily Allen’s ‘Air Balloon’ Will Give You Vertigo

WATCH: Lily Allen’s ‘Air Balloon’ Will Give You Vertigo

Lily, Lily, Lily, how will you follow up your “Hard Out Here” video? That video spawned a billion think pieces on race and feminism and basically sent the internet into a tizzy. What’s that? You want to film a video with dizzying camera movements set in some sort of African plain? Sure, knock yourself out; go all F.W. Murnau on it. Huh? You want it to be kind of trippy? Why not? Oh, and you want to put a giant space crucifix in it? Um…OK. 

Allen’s latest video is what would happen if David Lynch and Willy Wonka collaborated on the script for Gravity and Stanley Kubrick directed while on MDMA. But that’s just my opinion, check it out below. 

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August 28 2015 5:22 PM