Need to Know: Little Dragon


By Courtney Nichols

Hailing from Gothenburg, Sweden, Little Dragon dominates the stage with their chillwave sound and the mesmerizing black-and-white pop art visuals on their clothes and backdrops. We caught up with the band, which recently embarked on yet another world tour, to chat about their collaboration with Gorillaz, dreaming of teaming up with Prince, and why their best remixes are their own.

Out: What was the most recent stop on the tour for you?
Yukimi Nagano: I came from Chicago. But [the rest of the band] all came from Sweden.
Erik Bodin: Yes. Sweden.

Are you all still living in Sweden?
Nagano: Yes.

Do you prefer touring in your Sweden or the U.S.?
Bodin: U.S.

Really? Why?
Bodin: The crowd and the vibe. People are good at showing up here.

Little Dragon is played a lot when I'm in the yoga studio --
Nagano: Really?

Where would you ideally like to hear your music?
Bodin: Yoga is pretty good. I'm going with yoga.
Nagano: Totally! Actually, we all like yoga. But, also, the club would be nice' or maybe hearing it over someone's headphones.

You're all high school friends?
Bodin: We climbed out of the jungle to meet each other. Yeah, we knew each other. We were also introduced. Sweden is so small in a way. I didn't know that the others knew each other originally.

You were in a reggae band originally. Do you bring those influences to Little Dragon?
Bodin: Maybe a bit.

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