All That Glitters Is GaGa


By Noah Michelson

Would you ever do a reality TV show of your own?
I don't know. It'd have to be something really innovative and creative for me to be a part of it. But having cameras follow me all the time and document me as a human being? No thanks. So much of what I'm doing is performance art and I feel like it'd almost be unfair to my fans. They don't want to see me brushing my teeth. They don't care about that shit. They want to see me hanging from the ceiling, covered in ice, speaking poetry.

I did see your tour webisodes on YouTube. It's a nice added component to what you do on stage.
I think it gives my fans a way of connecting with me as a woman. But I also wanted to do it because I think there's this really strong misconception that Lady GaGa is a persona that I put on and that I'm not like this all the time and that I'm only like this on stage. And that is so not true. It's the farthest thing from the truth. My mom said something really sweet to me the other day -- something like, 'You know, GaGa, for you it's never been a costume.' It was such a powerful thing for my mother to say to me, because you watch me in the webisodes and I just dress like this all the time. I'm always in six inch heels. I always have a hood over my head or a pair of shades or an insane leather jacket or something that I've made or whatever -- this is who I am. I'm always talking about art, I'm always talking about music -- it's not something I put on for the camera. I'm not putting on my look for my performance. I'm like this all the time.

One of my favorite lines on the record is from 'Just Dance,' when you sing 'I love this record but I can't see straight anymore.' Who can't relate to being at a club at 3 a.m., drunk and tired and ready to leave -- but all of a sudden your favorite song comes on and gets you back on the dance floor?
Totally. I mean how many times have you been out the door and then you get sucked back in?

What songs get you to back on the dance floor?
I can remember numerous times I went back into the club to dance to [Kelis'] 'Milkshake.' That fucking record! [Imitates song's bass line] It's like, get it on! It's so good. Another one is [Gwen Stefani's] 'Hollaback Girl.' I couldn't stay sitting down when that song came on.

Is Gwen a big influence for you?
Oh yeah. I love Gwen. I think people compare me to her mostly because I'm blonde and I'm risk-taking. Other than that I don't think we have that much in common. I was a huge Tragic Kingdom fiend -- a huge No Doubt lover.

She's in a short line of women who paved the way for a lot of other female artists.
She's the only one since Blondie and Madonna. It was freakin' Gwen. What other songs? There's a song by AC/DC called 'TNT.' It's so good. Or AC/DC's album Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap. I hit a lot of rock and roll bars, so those records I love too. And Britney -- any Britney record [playing] and I'm on my fucking feet.

You wrote some songs for her new record, Circus, right?
Yes. We're positive that one is on it, but we're still waiting to hear about the last one.

You said in one of your webisodes that you wanted to find a drag queen who was doing Lady GaGa. Did you? What are the quintessential traits someone would need to pull off a killer Lady GaGa performance?
I did see somebody and it was so incredibly good I kind of got freaked out.

Where were you?
It wasn't live. Someone sent me a video. But I would say you've got to wash the blonde hair with purple shampoo. You've got to wear shoulder pads. You've got to have the lightning bolt. And a cat suit would be pretty in the ballpark.

Maybe we can get some fans to send in some videos of themselves doing Lady Gaga.
Oh my God. I will be on all night.

The Fame (Streamline/Interscope/KonLive) is in stores on October 28.

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