Anna Faris: Fool's Gold


By Jason Lamphier

Could Anna Faris be the most fearless funny girl of our generation? The actress has made a career out of playing smashed, slutty, and stupid (occasionally all at the same time). On-screen, she's been kicked, run over, repeatedly whacked in the head, shagged silly, and blasted across the room by a torrent of projectile spooge (twice). She's farted, upchucked, and biffed it more times than she can remember.

'I'd say I fall in 90% of the films I do,' Faris says with a laugh. 'But I don't mind as long as I have other flaws besides being clumsy.' In person, Faris exudes a Hollywood-sweetheart glow, her baby-doll good looks suggesting she could take on any of the type-A, career-girl roles doled out to Heigl and Aniston. But slapstick and sloppy chicks continue to draw her in'it's what she knows and does best. Her expert mugging, dopey inflection, double takes, and bewildered, wide eyes have earned her comparisons to Lucille Ball, Judy Holliday, and Goldie Hawn.

'I don't know what it is I do that makes me funny,' Faris, 34, says. 'I think if you're really dedicating yourself, you have to embrace the idea of looking foolish. You have to be prepared that people around you are going to think you're actually incredibly dumb, and that's OK.'

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