Need to Know: Black Spark


By Phillip B. Crook

Do you separate love and sex?
I'm learning that it's not a crime to show that you care for somebody. I'm learning to express intimate feelings. I could love a man just like I love a woman, and I just found that out in 2011.

In the videos you only have sex with men, but are you also having sex with women?
You only see me having sex with one person, and that's who I have sex with everyday.

So, you're dating the guy behind White Spark?
No, we're not dating, but there's definitely love there. He's everything I'm not. He has compassion and that feminine side and all those things I admire. He has all those traits of every girl I've loved and every man I've known. I think he intimidates me. He's the most beautiful person I know, so I wish I could show his face in the videos. He would let me, but I choose not to.

If he's fine with it, then why don't you?
Because I love him, and I don't want him to experience ridicule. I don't want his life to change. It's almost like a prize to me that I know how beautiful this person is. It puts me in my place.

Your work is soon moving to a new home. What can we expect from your website launch?
The blog will launch this week and the website will be soon after. But the videos you see on Xtube are not the content on my website. For anyone who feels like they've got pegged what I have planned, I've got some surprises in store. When you go to an art gallery, where's the art? It's hug up on a blank, white wall. The website is a canvas, not a porn site. It's my art gallery. It's a place for all the insanity inside my head and it's an invitation into the clouds.

Will people have to pay for access?
They may, it just depends. They won't have to pay to go to the blog. The blog will post two videos a week that will be like the videos you've seen on Xtube. The website is a different type of experience.

Two videos a week is a lot of work.
I have sex seven days a week. Those videos are real and film on the fly. I love my fans and it's a commitment I'm willing to keep up with.

Your videos have also gotten a lot of attention for your use of contemporary music, both popular and obscure. What are you listening to?
One of my closest friends is a sound engineer for some major, major artists, so I hear a lot of music early. There's always music playing around me. That's why there's no dialogue. The song gives you the story behind the video. It's the narrative. On the website there will be licensed music, but it won't be the same thing. Right now there's a score being produced just for this project from a really talented musician.

Lastly, I have to ask you about your shoes. I want them all, especially those gold high tops you wear a lot.
Those are my superhero shoes. They're Supras. I think every episode you'll start seeing a new pair of shoes. I have well over 250 pairs. I was actually giving some away last night because I don't have anywhere to put them anymore. I'm pretty shoe-crazed.

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