Need To Know: Lolene


By Noah Michelson

Have you ever been writing a song for someone else and thought I can't bring myself to give this one away?
Oh, that definitely happens, but I put myself in seasons. Last year, for example, I was in 'songwriter season.' I wasn't writing for myself, I was writing for other people and I adore writing for other people. It's like acting. I get to play Britney for a bit or Sean Kingston for a bit -- songs I would never sing myself but that I enjoy writing. It's fun for me. So last year I wasn't even really thinking about my own album but did write a couple of songs that are actually on my album. I just couldn't give them away!

The first single is 'Sexy People.' What do you find sexy?
I'm a mess when it comes to men! Everything else I'm pretty good at, but when it comes to men, I'm a joke. I like men that are secure in themselves. I tend to go for quirky intelligent people who can keep up with my crazy world.

Do you have a type?
Do you mean visually?

Yeah. Like I tend to go for the 'boy next door' type.
I thought I did but if I named you my last few boyfriends, there's no consistency. I'm a total chemistry person. I could sit here and say I love blond hair and blue eyes -- which I do [laughs] -- but I also like dark-haired Latin boys. I'm equal opportunity. As long as they're cool, secure in themselves, funny, tall preferably, have good morals and want the same things as me.

It must be hard to find the time to date.
It is. I meet the same man in a different body -- a producer, an actor, a musician -- and I made the conscious decision the other day that I wasn't going to date anymore guys like that because it's like two crazy people together. I've been thinking dating a banker might be nice.

Right. Stable --
I want to, but where do I meet those people? Have your readers send their answers in on a postcard --

Um, but --
Oh, right. They're all gay. [Laughs]

Yeah, that's probably not going to do you much good.
I actually had an incident not that long ago with my then-boyfriend that raised some suspicions.

He'll kill me if he reads this, but I won't use his name. I found Adam4Adam [a gay website for finding sex partners] on the computer.

And I was like, 'What's that?' And then I realized and thought This is not good.

Did you confront him?
I did. He said he didn't know what I was talking about.

What else could he say?
He was denied it and dropped the subject and that was the end of that. I do have a crush right now, though. He's a baseball player -- I haven't met him before. I don't have a lot of time to think about boys and so when I do it's usually guys in magazines [laughs]. That's all I can squeeze in right now.

"Sexy People" is now available on iTunes and The Electrick Hotel will be released in February 2010. For more info on Lolene and for a full list of tour dates, head to her MySpace page.

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