The Million Dollar Man


By Gregory Miller

So are we going to see any love life developments for you this season?
Yes, there are developments. Fun ones, happy ones. I'm still in an open process, I'm exploring my sexuality and letting the viewer into a vulnerable side and really trying to capture what was really going on with me. And that still carries on through the season and ultimately has, in my opinion, a very happy ending.

Have you considered going on Millionaire Matchmaker?
I've actually been asked! Just the other day, it was on my Facebook! [Laughs.] Could you imagine? No, I couldn't do that for some reason. I think one Bravo show is enough.

Last season you declared yourself 'polyamorous.' Do you still use that term to describe your sexuality?
On occasion. I would say, after an event, 'Oh, I'm polyamorous.'

'An event,' I love that.
I see you're following. Yeah, it's a fun term. I actually got chewed out by a few websites for apparently using the word incorrectly on TV. [Laughs.]

In the gay community there's that stigma that bi men can't really be bi. Does that bother you?
When I'm coming and going through a process of exploring who I am, what I am, and what makes me happy -- I don't care what anybody else is saying. I don't care what's going on around me. I didn't even know there was a gay community that had a judgment about anything. So as far as what I was experiencing and what I was going through and what I needed to put out there to help other people -- [it] was my own process. If I get condemned or blamed or ridiculed for something like that, that's OK. That's my process. But I don't know why the gay community even has a stigma about it. They just need to worry about their own sexuality -- like they've been preaching all their life.

Amen. Is your sexuality going to play a big role again this season?
It is. It does have some closure. Lauren's still on the show. I do make some sort of public statement and campaign to outline my beliefs, and it is part of the season, yes.

What do you make of Chad's [Rogers] hair antics?
[Sighs then laughs.] Well, you limited it to hair. I don't really understand where a compulsion like that comes from, so I can't really relate. I don't want to judge. I just don't understand. So whatever he's going through that he needs to focus on his hair so much, that's what he's going through. I mean, it gets a little tiring.

Are you ever going to choose a side -- team Chad or team Josh [Flagg]?
No, I'm going for team Madison. I can't be a part of their drama, it's so crazy. Although I did get wrapped into a little of it this year, unfortunately.

Uh oh. Can't wait. Given his similar field, what do you make of Flipping Out's Jeff Lewis?
[Laughs.] With those qualities, I think Chad and Jeff would get along. I think they would have a lot to talk about. They would share hair products, maybe reorganize the furniture in the house, and you know, put things in Ziploc bags. I think they'd be really good friends!

The third season of Million Dollar Listing premieres on October 12 on Bravo. Check your local listings for channel and times.

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