$earching For Mr. Right


By Gregory Miller

Megan Hauserman has probably invaded your television screen at one time or another, whether you know it or not. Maybe you saw her hooking up with Bret Michaels on Rock of Love or battling it out with other VH1 "celebs" on I Love Money. Nevertheless, Megan's back, and she's taking charge. What's the story this time? Megan is looking for a husband from a motley crew of millionaires ranging from movie producers to strippers (who knew millionaire strippers even existed?). We sat down with TV's newest guilty pleasure to get all the dirt on her new show, Megan Wants A Millionaire, the comparisons to Paris Hilton, and which famous mega-millionaire she'd rather bag.

Out: Megan Wants A Millionaire is the fifth reality show you've been on. Which one has been your favorite so far?
Megan Hauserman: Definitely this one!

And why is that?
Because I get to be in charge. I do all the picking, and I'm in control, and I like it!

Before you did this, which was your favorite?
I Love Money -- it was so much fun. I had the best time in Mexico and I got to wear bikinis all the time. I never had to wear clothes. It was great.

Are reality television shows going to be your full time career now?
No. I'm planning on retiring, marrying my husband, and becoming a trophy wife.

Did you always know that you'd end up a reality star?
Um, no. It kind of just happened by itself. I love it though! I have a fun time, and I think I'm the luckiest person I know.

How did you get cast on your first show?
I just went to an audition. I saw an ad for Beauty and the Geek on Craigslist.org. I just thought I would be perfect for it, and then they thought so too!

Were you really in love with Bret Michaels?
I wasn't in love with him, but I really did like him. And I thought he was cute and a good kisser.

Was being kicked off the show a turning point for you?
Uh, in what way?

As far as what you were looking for in a man.
Yes! After that, I said, 'No more short guys!'

So what are you looking for?
I'm looking for somebody really mature. And generous. And dominant. [Laughs] -- to be sexual.