The Gay Agenda


By Joseph Hassan

Monday, January 12: After years of internal struggle, it can be remarkably easy to forget that coming out can be just as arduous, and sometimes more so, for our parents. In his off-Broadway one-man show Mother/SON, Emmy-nominated writer and performer Jeffrey Solomon examines the dual-sidedness of the coming-out process. Through the endearing characters of Jewish housewife Mindy Levy and her gay son Brad, both of whom are played by Solomon, the actor offers unique insight into the art of coming out and strikes a balance of humor and sobriety along the way (see this clip). The performance hits its final New York City engagements tonight at Manhattan's American Place Theater at 6:00 and 9:00 PM EST. If you miss it, get yourself to Los Angeles to catch the act at Celebration Theater on January 19 or 20 at 8:00 PM PST. Read more about the show and get tickets through Jeffrey Solomon's website.

Tuesday, January 13: The (Hollywood) Hills are alive with the sound of music. At least they will be after we've gotten through the first delightfully harrowing rounds of the eighth season of American Idol, which premieres tonight. The producers promise some 'changes' for this installment of the guilty-pleasure-laden franchise, but we're hoping a completely coherent Paula Abdul won't be one of them. For a good laugh, check out (this clip,) which demonstrates the profound effect this phenomenon has on American youngsters as they react to last year's finale. Tune in to FOX tonight and tomorrow at 8:00 PM EST to catch the two-day event.