Allen's Anatomy


By Nelson Branco

You've seen both sides of the 'gay actor' story -- you were outed by The Globe when they published pictures of you and your then-boyfriend kissing. But then years later you confirmed you were gay in The Advocate and have become a real role model.
When I was outed by The Globe I was a 20-year-old kid, and I was scared to death. Since I was 5, all I ever wanted to do is act -- and then I was thrown into a room full of lawyers and agents making a very subtle point that if I chose to came out I would never work again. It was overwhelming. But they were wrong. I haven't stopped working. In fact, my career is better than ever.

Would you encourage closeted actors to come out?
Yes. The best advice I've ever given is: don't come out until it's good news for you. When it's good news for you, it'll be good news for everyone else. Anything else is a disaster, because you won't be able to represent yourself or our community very well.

You sound really happy these days.
I am. I'm in a happy, three-year monogamous relationship. I was voted least likely to find himself in a healthy relationship, so I'm thrilled to say the least. We live together and just adopted a dog named Foxy Brown.

You must be very proud of where you are in life.
I am. You know I just came from a run before speaking to you, and I feel content. I used to run faster than I could keep up with myself. I'm eight years sober. It's nice to be where I am at.

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