Not So Vain


By Jake Shears

CS: I'd be so happy. [Laughing] A bunch of his best friends are gay, but one I can think of is this incredible guy, his Gyrotonics teacher. He's just one of the best people I've ever known, and I would love Ben to spend the rest of his life with him!
JS: So does Ben live with you?
CS: He lives on the same compound, although he's on the road much more than I am. He has tons of girlfriends now; he just goes through them.
JS: Is it going to be hard for you the day that he says 'I'm getting married'?
CS: No, unless I don't like her. But it wouldn't matter to me which sex it was.
JS: Outside of your immediate family, who has the most profound influence over you?
CS: I think my boyfriend and my best friend. But also my two ex-husbands.
JS: Who you still have ties with?
CS: No. I have no contact with James [Taylor]. He won't allow it.
JS: After so many years and having gone through these relationships, what do you feel like you've gleaned from them?
CS: I have really learned about sex. My unselfconsciousness about sex now is so different; the honesty and the power of the combination of the intimacy and the sexuality is novel. I've never known that before.
JS: So it's almost like a sexual awakening.
CS: It really is. And it's a strange thing to say because it's a strange thing that I haven't come to it until now.
JS: That's pretty great, because I'm sure you've probably had some great sex.
CS: Maybe great sex, but not really totally honest sex. I don't really know how to explain it, but it is just so open, so honest, and so totally loving. I was always scared of it before. I was always scared about my body and how I came across and if I was a good lover, and instead I now ask.