Lumberjacks, Soldiers and Delivery Men, Oh My!


By Anthony Del Tufo

What are your most loved -- and most hated -- current trends?
I love the new direction in color and pattern. I hate skinny jeans and shrunken suits. I don't think men want to look like boys.

What were your inspirations for this latest collection?
Fall is all about big lumberjack plaids, but hand-tailored into exquisite blazers. I am inspired by rugged, outdoorsy guys who live on the edge, but also have a refined taste for the best of life.

What kind of man are you dressing now?
I work in my shop on Sundays and get to meet my customer head on. In general, he is in his 30's or older and is not looking to be a fashionista. He is masculine, professional, and confident in his appearance.

How are your designs for John Bartlett different from those for Liz Claiborne?
My designs for Claiborne by John Bartlett are similar to my work in my own label, yet they are a little bit more generous in fit and much, much more affordable.

And yet Liz Claiborne is a brand with many years of history. Do you feel certain pressures when designing for them?
I feel a great sense of pride and responsibility now that the brand has been renamed Claiborne by John Bartlett. They have given me total freedom to redefine the line and have provided me with a great team to execute my ideas.