Days of Summer


By Bill Chenevert

Friday, July 25: That Matthew Goode is one hot ticket. We fell for him in Match Point and now our fantasies have come to life: a whole film in which we are invited to wonder and debate if his character is indeed queer. In Brideshead Revisited, the film version of the Evelyn Waugh book and British television serial drama, Goode and Ben Whishaw (of Perfume fame) portray early 20th century UK uni boys whose intense friendship reeks of homo-potential -- until the sister gets involved and ruins everything. Set in a gorgeous castle, Emma Thompson also delivers a commanding performance in what is sure to be one fabulously intense film. Watch the trailer here. Not into fictional drama? Try real, documented teenage drama. American Teen comes to us from director Nanette Burstein after 10 months of shooting five Warsaw, Indiana graduating high school seniors. The nerd, the jock, the artsy girl, the popular girl and the heartthrob may have something to teach you after all. Watch the trailer here.

Saturday, July 26: It's National Cowboy Day, ladies and gentlemen, and who doesn't love a man on a horse in boots, denim and a ten-gallon hat? Queers in or near Sacramento, California are in luck -- this weekend, gay cowboys going to be riding in to save the day. The Sierra Stampede Rodeo bucks off Friday until Sunday. So head on down to the Central Park Horse Arena to cheer on your favorite. Get the details here. Then hit up Sacramento's authentic cowboy and leather bar, The Bolt, and maybe some wayward fella will appreciate your hospitality for the night. Can't make it to Cali? Well, just take a look see at this flawless Texas Monthly modern day cowboy photo spread. Makes you think about taking a horse/road trip, doesn't it?

Sunday, July 27: San Francisco is indisputably the queerest of all cities, and occasionally it still goes to great lengths to remind us why. And nothing quite shows it like a street fair full of scantily clad leather daddies. Up Your Alley fills South of Market streets as the big, bearish little brother to September;s slightly less scandalous Folsom Street Fair. Up Your Alley isn't just a street fair -- there's a Saturday night kick-off party at New York Studio, DJs everywhere, and get your chance to meet the Bare Chest Calendar Men at Powerhouse. Consult the website for the full details here.