Days of Summer


By Bill Chenevert

Monday, June 9: Cyndi Lauper brings her queer powerhouse tour, True Colors, to Minneapolis tonight with the B-52's, Tegan and Sara, the Cliks, Rosie O'Donnell, and Carson Kressley gracing the stage. We imagine the Twin Cities' US Bank Theater at the Target Center hasn't seen this much gayness in eons. Future True Colors tour stops include: Chicago on June 10; Atlantic City on June 13; Atlanta on June 16; Houston and Dallas on the June 21 and June 22; and Los Angeles and Berkeley on June 28 and 29. Get your tickets here.

Tuesday, June 10: Our favorite Canadian angst queen, Alanis Morissette, is back with her seventh full-length record, Flavors of Entanglement. She'll no doubt be flexing that cathartic muscle after splitting with Ryan Reynolds, and perhaps it's RyGuy's loss; read our take on the new video for "Underneath" here. And if you haven't already, we also suggest scooping up the new Dresden Dolls album, No, Virginia, the recently released follow-up to 2006's Yes, Virginia. Consisting of lady-on-the-keys Amanda Palmer and drummer-guitarist Brian Viglione, the veteran Boston duo wear a deliciously thick layer of makeup and perform dark, German-inspired cabaret -- always a good thing. Hear some new Dolls songs here.

Wednesday, June 11: PrideFest in Key West kicked off on Saturday, June 7, but you still have time to tackle a long list of ultra-gay festivities in Floridian paradise. Perhaps most enticing is the Miss PrideFest 2008 contest tonight, a drag throw-down at LaTeDa on Duval Street. Duval is where it's at: There's a street fair on Saturday, the 2008 PrideFest Parade later that day, and the ball at Aqua in the evening. Hopeless voyeurs should hit up the All Male Revue at KWEST Men Thursday or the Bad Boys Party at Island House on Friday night. Consult the full schedule here. On the flipside, if you haven't had a humbling and inspirational moment lately, head to Groove, Give and Get in New York City's North Harlem, honoring -- in scholarship and party form -- the legacy of one of the first openly gay black politicians, Chuck Allen III. Get the details here.